Our Private/NGO Projects

Client Name         : Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC)
Project Title         : Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC)
Completion Year : July, 2018

Registration System for Medical and Dental professional. Fees and Accounts System for BM&DC

Client Name         : Gono Kayllan Trust (GKT)
Project Title         : Gono Kayllan Trust (GKT)
Completion Year : July, 2018

Basic HR and Payroll System with PF and website of the organization.

Client Name         : Friends Book Corner Ltd.
Project Title         : Friends Book Corner Ltd.
Completion Year : October, 2019

1. Web Based Educational Materials Purchase. Inventory and Sales. 2. Web Based Book Publication Process. 3. Accounting Management System

Client Name         : SQ Group SQ Wire & Cable Co. Ltd and SQ Trading
Project Title         : SQ Group
Completion Year : December, 2017

Development of customized software for following Modules: 1. Production Work Flow Management System 2. Sales Management System. 3. Development of Accounting System for SQ Group 4. Development of Trading Management System for S Q Trading.

Client Name         : Bangladesh Public Service Commission – BPSC
Project Title         : Bangladesh Public Service Commission – BPSC
Completion Year : December, 2016

Exam Automation System Module: 1. e-Registration System, BPSC Form-7 (Examination for Senior Scale Promotion) Exam Automation System Module: 1. BPSC Form-8 (Examination for Departmental)