Project Details

The Automation of Online Application, Registration of Examination (Departmental & Senior Scale Exam), Result and Other Internal Process and Interactive Website Maintenance for Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC)

Narrative description of Project:
This is a web-based, secured, and network-oriented software that can configure and manage examinations dynamically. It provides a complete solution for recruitment examinations from the configuring of the examination up to the final result publishing of departmental and senior-scale examinations. The web on the Internet is accessible for the public to gather information, and they can have the day-by-day updates and results for the examinations. It also allows receiving feedback, complaints, and suggestions from the public to make the services effective and efficient.

Description of actual services provided by Promiti:
System Analysis, RDBMS Design, UI Design, System Access Control Management, Front-End Modules, Back-End Integration, UAT Test, Training, Support & Maintenance, etc.