Our Government Projects

Client Name         : Prime Minister's Office
Project Title         : Online Application and Stipend Management System for Plain Land Ethnic Minority
Completion Year : December, 2020

Client Name         : PA Directorate, Bangladesh Army
Project Title         : Officer’s Recruitment Portal of Bangladesh Army with Online Payment Collection
Completion Year : March, 2020

Client Name         : MGO’s Br. Bangladesh Army
Project Title         : Development of MGO’s Br. Automation
Completion Year : September, 2018

Major Modules: 1. Stores receive process for Central Depots, Ordnance Depots, Workshop and DOC. 2. Store issue process for Unit and Officers. 3. LP Process for Central Depot and Ordnance Depot, Workshop and Unit. 4. Store Provisioning process for Central Depot.

Client Name         : Land Administration Training Centre (LATC)
Project Title         : Land Administration Training Centre (LATC)
Completion Year : December, 2017

1. Online Course Management System 2. Online course materials distribution systems