Project Details

SQ Group

Narrative description of Project:
This project deals with cables production, general and raw material inventory management & product sales and distribution processes. This software keeps the store up to date when raw materials are issued from the store and produced cables are entered into the store. This software is capable to show the current balance of produced goods and raw materials as well. The client of this software has a number of sales centers all over Bangladesh. This software handles the selling and payment collection processes. The authority of this software is able to know the current stock of each sale center. Our software is able to calculate the incentives for each marketing executive upon their collections. Each sale center has a number of agents. The sale centers can able to create agent-wise ledgers.

Description of actual services provided by Promiti:
System Analysis, RDBMS Design, UI Design, System Access Control Management, Front-End Modules, Back-End Integration, UAT Test, Training, Support & Maintenance, etc.