Project Details

Bangladesh Mineral Oil & Gas Corporation (BMOGC)

Narrative description of Project:
Petrobangla provides a pdf report on Daily Gas Production and Distribution as public data which was generated by their own tool. To doing analysis on those data for various purposes IOCs sometimes require those data with huge manipulation parameters. The developed tool is to enable real-time data capture from Petrobangla Website ( gas product.pdf), itself convert to Microsoft Excel, read the XLS file on background, and parse data to MSSQL database with correspondent configuration ID which will facilitate hereafter with a dynamic report module. The report module was equipped with both types of graphical & tabular reports base on production and distribution data of daily gas exploration of Petrobangla. Reports are exportable to HTML, Excel, CSV, XML, PDF etc. Under this project, we have also provided a detailed demonstration of the tool, extended UAT test, User Manuals, Installation Instruction, etc.

Description of actual services provided by Promiti:
System Analysis, RDBMS Design, UI Design, System Access Control Management, Front-End Modules, Back-End Integration, UAT Test, Training, Support & Maintenance, etc.