Website Design & Development™ | automation on demand

We design and develop simple, good looking, usable websites focused on the needs of the user. Our websites are built with lovingly crafted code and they adhere to web standards.

Our clients often know what they want, but in actual fact it's the clients of the clients that we need to think about - the end users! The people who actually use our websites. Everything we do is centred around what the user wants and expects. If they don't like a website, then we haven't done our job properly!

To this end, we do lots of user testing to make sure we're on the right track with our interfaces.

Maintenance Service

Your application or site needs frequent upgradation or backup. On emergency your application needs to be stay up. You might feel you application should have some more or different functionality after the completion of development. In all these cases you need maintenance service. We have numerous clients taking maintenance as they trust on our maintenance service. You can have our service through phone, email, skype and on physical appearance as required.